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TMG Children

TMG currently publishes three children's magazines that are aimed at the age group of 3 to 14 under the umbrella TMG Children's Series and delivers monthly on its core values of Educate, Empower and Entertain.

A Pre-school Essential   Sowing the Learning Seeds!     A Scholarly Read for Life Skills!  

Mekids Junior, an essential tool at the early stages of brain development, is carefully crafted to nurture early learning skills, encourage brain growth, memory and language development in young preschool children, paving the right foundation for the journey of advanced learning. The easy at-home fun preschool activities and games can be the parent’s best tools in reinforcing early learning skills.

Monthly Mekids Junior, the first and only preschool magazine published in the Arabian Gulf region, delivers on the core values Educate, Empower and Entertain.


Mekids Magazine, which is filled with items just for young children, features colourful illustrations, several age-appropriate educational content, features, activities and wonderful stories that help them through the journey of advanced learning. It is exceptionally well received not only by kids but by parents as well. It is considered a tool of enjoyment which combines development of various skills.

Mekids Magazine follows an instructional approach combining fun with learning. Educationalists, teachers and parents recommend this monthly magazine which enhances the physical, emotional, social and academic skills.


The third in the series of TMG children, The Youngest, is for the older lot, offering a more in-depth, mature content. With the stories, activities and concepts more advanced, our young readers are proud to claim this magazine as their own.

The articles featured here are thought-provoking. Do you know, Language lab, Public speaking and Quiz zone are some of the sought-after sections. The column on Kid’s recipe is the first guide for those children who are keen to make their own dishes. The pages dedicated to Young Talents are a massive hit among young children as they actively send their works of talent.

  You can opt for the subscription of TMG Children's series-Mekids Junior, Mekids and The Youngest from the UAE, OMAN and KSA. In addition to the three countries, you will also find the magazines hitting the retails outlets in Qatar.  
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